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Wedding Invitations – using gel pens?

by Shelly Watson -

More Later :)

Carrot Box
by Shelly Watson -

Here is a photo of a Carrot Box that I am making for my son’s teachers. I plan filling the boxes up with some Easter candy. I only have 6 carrots to make so it shouldn’t take me too long. Last year I made these boxes at Easter time, and put names on each carrot to set at my dinner table. I wish I would have taken a photo of my dinner table, it was so pretty! I am thinking this year I should make a bunch and fill a basket to put on my table.
There is a really good tutorial on how to make these paper rosette on the site here is the link…
To make the tag I used the LDJ Shop ‘til you drop font. I also used the CRI-Kits gel pens to draw on the Happy Easter.

Carrot Box File - and Score Lines. If you would like to have the template for the Carrot Box in the next post just CLICK HERE. The template will be in a SCAL2 format. The reason I am giving the template in a SCAL2 format instead of the usual SVG format --- is that I have found a great way to put score line on boxes using the SCAL2 ‘layers’ function! I don’t know about you but I really HATE cutting scoring lines on my boxes – it just leaves a messy edge on the corners! I have found a great way to ‘draw’ the score line onto my boxes. I was so excited when SCAL2 came out with the ‘Layers’ function, because now I can put the score lines on one layer and the cut lines on another layer. I just turn on the ‘score line’ layer and insert a pen into the Cricut machine and it draws the score lines onto the paper. Then I turn off the ‘score line’ layer and turn on my ‘cut’ layer - then replace the regular blade back into the Cricut machine and it cuts out the box. I then manually score the lines on the box using the drawn lines as a guide.
TIP: hit the Load button on the Cricut machine before loading and unloading pens. By hitting this Load button, the blade carrier will return to the top corner of your paper. This is nice as you may accidentally mark your paper when inserting the pen.
I also found that I really like to use gel pens to draw these score lines onto my boxes. You can use the Provo Craft Markers for this job -- but I found that the gel pen will give you a finer more precise line than the markers. You also have to be careful using markers on thin paper because the markers will sometimes bled through to the other side of the paper!

Aperture Card
by Shelly Watson -

Here an aperture card that I designed in Inkscape, and cut out in SCAL on my Cricut machine. At fist I made a simple aperture with initials (white card). After having the card sit on desk for a day, I got to thinking I could ‘dress-it-up’ a bit and come up with another version (pink card).

I designed some swirls to go around the outside of the aperture. A ‘Swirl’ CRI-Kit gel pen was used to draw the swirls. Then I used the ‘shadow’ function on SCAL2 and cut the swirls out. I also used some foam dots to raise up the design. Some overhead transparency film was used behind the initials to make it less flimsy; it also gave it a more finished look.

If you would like to learn how to make an aperture card -- check out this tutorial by ‘Crafty Dan’ here I have to say that I am always impressed by Dan’s creations, and I love his tutorials (especially his cool English accent).