Cri-Kits Features

Unmatched Features:

Magnetic - Pens "click" as they are inserted inside Cri-Kits™ unique, Patent Pending, gel pen holder and stay put by magnetic attraction. Easy to put in and easy to take out to change colors. And the nice pretty purple anodizing's beauty is more than skin deep. Anodizing helps prevent scratching and corrosion as well. No parts to wear out and no tools needed. Now that's easy.

Precision Pens - The problem with pens are that they are made for writing...not for putting in a precision machine like the Cricut®. Well...except for ours. Pens made from other manufacturers or companies (Like Staples®) can use varying components that can change over time. Then you find you are getting mixed results when using your old gel pen holder and don't know why. The picture to the left shows all the areas that will randomly change as pens are made over time. The Gold and the Blue ink tubes in the picture are from the same manufacturer...different day. Well...Cri-Kits to the rescue. We specify each pen dimension, for each pen, so the distance to the paper is, always, right where it needs to be without fussing with any jigs or other devices to make it right. It! You'll thank us later. :)

40 Exciting Colors - The possibilities are endless with over 40 available colors. So many colors give your scrapbooking and crafts a whole new dimension. From standard Black, Red, Green and Blue to Neons, Metallics, Glitters and Pastels we've got you covered. Metallic silver on black paper for a wedding...Glitter to add a sparkle to a birthday card...Pastels for that baby announcement or Easter's all there and ready for your imagination. Wait until you try the swirls! Talk about havin' fun...Swirls add a whole new dimension to drawing with your Cricut Machine®.(click to see colors)

Inexpensive - We've slashed the prices on Gel Pen Holders for the Cricut® Machine. There's nothing out there that can compare with the versatility of our Holder and the 40 "Flavors" that we offer...not to mention the pretty purple dress that it comes in...oh... and and did we mention how easy it is to use?

Draw Anything - "Draw Your Imagination!". Draw anything you can cut with your Cricut® Machine. Use all the designs included on your cartridges in a whole new way. The possibilities are endless. Also, with Sure Cuts A Lot™ software you can not only draw any True Type Font that you have on your computer but create your very own designs to draw as well. Sure Cuts-A-Lot uses popular .svg files for use on your machine. There are millions of designs in .svg format available for download, or conversion to .svg format, on the web as well.

Not Just for Machines - Why do we put a pen in a Holder instead of just making a "big fat pen" that goes into your machine with no Holder? Let's explain the advantages. A. With the Holder being the "big fat" part...all you have left is a bunch of skinny parts (pens) which equals less space required for storage and less bulk all around. B. Have you ever tried writing with a "big fat pen"? We have...and it's not easy, or fun. Having seperate pens lets you write and "fill-in" areas by hand in a way that is natural. With 40 colors, plus swirls, you'll be able to use these pens for anything that comes to mind. C. Less plastic being made is good and less being thrown away is even better. And this all means Cri-Kits™ we are doing our part for the environment. All this went into our design process and we think you'll be glad it did.

Lifetime Warranty - If you break, damage or wear out anything on the gel pen holder, it will be fixed or replaced – whatever is necessary to restore the Holder to normal operating condition. To return the gel pen Holder to us for repair or replacement and for other warranty issues, or if you just have a pen issue, please visit our customer support page at We want you to know that you have a best friend in your corner of the crafting world.

Cri-Kits Forum - Learn, teach, and meet all in the Cri-Kits forum. Need tips and techniques? Ideas? Answers to frequently asked questions. Visit the forums. You'll be amazed at all the things that adding pens to your crafting arsenal will do for your fun and creativity. Things that you would have never thought about become your favorite thing to do with your projects and it can all come from chatting with each other in the forum. Try it out and meet new people that have answers to your questions and love to do the same things you do. Visit the Cri-Kits Forum now (Click Here)

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