Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Are you related or affiliated with Provo Craft, Silhouette America, Sizzix or Pazzles?
No. We are an independent company offering products to enhance your Craft Machine.

2. Will the Single Line Font work on my machine.
Our Single Line Fonts will work with any machine that can use the fonts that you have on your computer. Currently there is software that allows you to use our fonts on the Cricut®, Silhouette® and Pazzles®.

3. Do you warranty your products? If so how long?
Yes! CRI-Kits magnetic holder has an unlimited lifetime warranty and the embosser has a limited lifetime warranty. You can learn more about the embosser warranty HERE. The limited warranty has to do with using the embosser with the right materials. If you wanted to try embossing sandpaper for example :) it would obviously ruin the embosser and not be covered. :)

4. I own a different gel pen carrier for the Cricut® Do you offer an upgrade to your product?
Yes! Please visit for information about our UNBEATABLE free trade in offer for qualifying products.

5. Can I use other mini gel pens in your carrier?
No. Our pens are manufactured to precise deminsions that match our carrier, they also have a magnetic feature built into them so the carrier can hold them in place. For more info (click here).

6. I just ordered my pens but the ink is not full. It does not go all the way to the top. Is it new?
Rest assured... all pens we send out are new. There is a limit to how far ink tubes can be filled during manufacturing. If you look at any pen of any size there is the same amount of "space" at the top on average. Mini gel pens are shorter to start with so this effect makes this normal "space" at the top seem larger. However, sometimes the ink may dry prematurely, but this is rare. Please email with any problems

7. My pens are not drawing at the beginning of my design leaving a blank space. What can I do?
This is covered in the quick start guide and we highly recommend reading it for best results. Sometimes gel ink can dry at the tip and needs to be "started" to get the ink to flow well sometimes. So before loading the carrier and pen into the machine draw on a scratch piece of paper or on the corner of your project paper, that will not be used, to get the ink flowing.

8. My pens aren't flowing. What can I do?
If this is usually an air bubble at the tip or the pen or a little drying of the ink at the tip. Try this: Disassemble the pen and take out the ink tube. Seal your lips around the backend of the tube (non-writing end) and blow as hard as you can like you are trying to blow up a balloon. This works most of the time for any gel pen of this type. Contact with any further difficulties.

9. Can I use full size Sharpie® Markers in my MAR-Kits?
Unfortunately not. The Mini Sharpie® markers are not only nice and compact but are designed with a snap cap. The full size sharpies are designed with a friction cap and do not "snap" on like the mini sharpies.