All about CRI-Kits Single Line Fonts

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Cri-Kits Single Line Fonts are a regular "True Type" font for your computer that can work in nearly any program that allows you to select your desired font. (Word processors, page layout programs etc., etc....)
Fonts can be interesting when drawing them versus cutting them. Each has its place in the creative process and one "type style" is more desirable than the other at times. Many people have requested "Single Line Fonts" for drawing, so we have been developing several styles and will continue to make many more in the future.

This first example is what happens with any standard font. The cutting machine draws it just like it would cut it so you get an outline of the font style like this: (Note: All example fonts are actual scans from the paper cutting machine)


With Single Line Fonts, that Cri-Kits has developed for drawing, you get the result below like this:


Single line fonts can be especially useful when drawing fonts in smaller sizes on your machine. The outline of standard fonts start to get too close together for a nice appearance while single line fonts look great. Compare the example below.

The upper font is the regular font and the lower font is a Cri-Kits Single Line Font. The Single Line Fonts have a much cleaner appearance at small sizes. (Note: All example fonts are actual scans from the paper cutting machine)

Serif fonts vs Sans Serif fonts

The picture below shows a T and the difference in the two font types. Serifs are the "extensions" on the ends of the font. Sans means "without" so Sans Serif means without those "extensions. Fonts with serifs are helpful when reading paragraphs as it helps lead the eye from letter to letter or word to word.