You're gonna love what the Cri-Kits Embosser can do!

Cri-Kits Embosser in Gel Pen Holder

Double-Ended - Lifetime Limited Warranty

Cri-Kits Embosser

Works best with vellum and thin metals and creates an embossed look, or turn it over for a de-bossed look. Your crafting and scrapbooking will never be the same with these new tools, and your Pazzles® Machine . Just wait 'till you see what we have planned next!! :) Enjoy!
Endless possibilites!

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CRI-Kits Embossing Mats - Style Difference Information

2 Mat Styles Available:

Mat with Adhesive on Bottom - Sticks to your regular mat and has no adhesive on top. To affix your project material use painters tape on the edges or double sided tape on the bottom. This mat is more challenging to use as embossing requires your material to hold tightly and lay flat.

Mat with Adhesive on Top & Bottom - (Our most popular embossing mat) Sticks to your regular mat AND your project material. This mat has added diaginal top adhesive strips with a very light tack. The strips are placed diagonal, and at just the right distance apart, to hold your project material but also allow easy removal without damaging your work.

Double Ended Embossing Stylus
Cri-Kits Embosser
*Cri-Kits magnetic holder required for use

Cri-Kits Embossing stylus $19.99

Pazzles® 12" x 12" Embossing Mats
Cri-Kits Embossing Mats
Only $11.99 - $17.99
Choose Your Mat Type:


Tested and approved METALS for excellent embossing results! 10 Beautiful Colors!


  • Solid and color coated metals available
  • 3 mil thickness for optimum embossing
  • Low Prices
  • 9"x9", 9"x12" sizes
  • Bulk size 9"x60" available in colored metals
  • Color coated metals can be sanded
    through the color coating for great effects
  • All orders include a sample practice piece(s)
Cri-Kits Embossing Metal
Size: 9"x9"

Cri-Kits Embossing Metal
Size: 9"x12"

Cri-Kits Bulk Embossing Metal
Size: 9"x60"

Cri-Kits Embosser's
Unmatched Features:

  • Lifetime Warranty*
  • Double ended for chiseled or soft look
  • Magnetically held in your Cri-kits Gel Pen holder
  • Steel for greater longevity than aluminum
  • Lightweight and same size as a mini gel pen
  • Quality made like you expect from Cri-Kits™
Embossed Vellum

* Lifetime Warranty provided only when used on approved materials. Click Here for details.