We are always on the lookout for great products and this is one of them.

There are hundreds of uses for this great tool. From cutting embossing metal into smaller pieces...to finalizing the cut of that little bit of paper or vinyl that didn't quite cut all the way...to even tracing around an object for a quick paper cut out...you are sure to find many uses for this great tool. Because it is ceramic, it lasts a long long time....much longer than conventional metal blades and the sharp tip is small and much safer as well. The Slice Precision Cutter is wonderfully designed and has a perfect protective cap as well.

AND THE BEST PART....Every sale of this tool helps fight Autism through a donation of a portion of each sale to autism research. We all know someone that deals with this condition and this is one very inexpensive and easy way to help out. Enjoy!

Slice Tool Only
2 Styles to choose from!

Slice Precision Cutting Tool
Only: $5.49

Slice Safety Cutting Tool
Only: $4.99

Pen Bundle

Get all 4 kits (with 1 magnetic holder), free swirls, Free $hipping AND get the Slice Precision Cutter or the Safety Cutter for Only $3.50 more! Only: $53.49
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Pens & Embosser Big Bundle

Plus top & bottom adhesive Embossing Mat

Get all 4 kits (with 1 magnetic holder), free swirls, Free $hipping, Embosser, embossing mat of choice and a $2.01 Slice Precision Cutter From Only: $83.99 to $89.99
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