Trade-In Information and Agreement

1. Creative Inserts agrees to send you a Free Cri-kits holder and a Free 2-pack of Swirl Pens after receipt of your current holder, by mail, and an order is placed for any set of 10 Cri-kits pens. Your current pens are not required to be sent in for the offer, only the carrier. You must order a pen kit WITH holder and then enter the coupon code, that we will send to you, in your shopping cart screen. The coupon code will automatically correct the price when you enter the code and checkout. Only $8.99 final price. Savings of over $20.00!!

2. This offer does not extend to any other re-imbursements and your holder cannot be sent back to you even if you decide not to take advantage of the offer later.

3. After sending in your current gel pen holder you have 6 months to redeem your coupon code for your Free CRI-Kits holder.

4. Your coupon code is only good for one free holder, and swirl 2-pack, and is only usable one time.

5. This offer is valid for receiving a Free Cri-Kits Holder, and swirl 2-pack, only with purchase of a Cri-kits pen kit of 10 pens and not for the purchase of only the Cri-Kits Swirl 2 packs.

6. Cri-Kits is not responsible for lost or mis-directed mail or for any other reason for not receiving your carrier. Purchasing insurance for your holder return is advised to prevent problems with such issues.

7. The current holder that is sent in must be a model that is currently available for purchase and is for the Cricut®, eclips®, Pazzles® or Silhouette®.

9. The TradeIn form must be filled out and submitted and you must purchase with your coupon code. Please do not purchase and then submit reimbursement information or send carrier. We cannot reimburse a previous purchase. (click here for TradeIn form)